Corporate Donations

Businesses in Australia are realising the benefits of corporate donations and workplace giving to support worthwhile causes like SOS, a community initiative of People Who Care. Employees and clients of businesses that support these causes feel a sense of community and well-being and are more inclined to support those businesses.

Ways to donate

  1. Financial donation from company
  • A one off donation of substantial amount to cover purchase of x number of appliances. Company to nominate appliance and amount.
  • Regular donations, such as monthly or quarterly, of smaller amount to cover essential costs to SOS
  • Annual contribution.
  1. Offer employees the opportunities to donate to SOS in which the business could match employee pledges.
  1. Encourage workplace events or activities for the benefit of SOS such as free dress days or morning tea for a cause for a gold coin donation. Refer to our host an event/activity page.

Corporate donations enable SOS to be financially sustainable giving the charity a sound basis to conduct a professional and needed service. Company commitment really makes a difference to our services and has a positive effect within your organisation.

Benefits to the company include:

  • Improved workplace culture
  • Encourage, attract and retain staff
  • Increase morale and engagement
  • Building support for your local community and customer base
  • Add value to your company’s brand and reputation.

Whether you own a small business with 1 or 2 staff or a company with more than 100 staff, your donation can make a huge difference, not only to someone in crisis but also you and those around you.

Remember that all donations are tax deductable over $2.

To set up a charitable fund program within your organisation please contact SOS.

Your company will have unique skills that can help those in need by volunteering your time to SOS.  Please refer to our volunteer page.