Starting Over Support (SOS) is about providing families and individuals with furniture and household items.

SOS Strategic Plan


To provide families moving on from crisis with essential furniture and household items, helping to move towards a new life.


To inspire the community to benevolence and generosity as we provide help, hope and understanding for those who are struggling with limited financial resources.


  1. Integrity – our service operates with honesty, transparency and ethics.
  2. Empowerment – help to empower families and individuals.
  3. Excellence – we ensure all our staff and volunteers are well trained and we seek to ensure they always pursue excellence.
  4. Community – we work with others in the community to ensure we provide a service the community needs.
  5. Stewardship – we are committed to use the resources that are donated and to be held accountable for their proper distribution.
  6. Advocacy – we ensure that we act responsibly on behalf of those that are struggling with limited resources. We are committed to supporting families in crisis to have a better standard of living.

SOS aims

  • To provide families and individuals, transitioning to independent accommodation, with furniture and household items.
  • To create partnerships with the general public, businesses and other organisations to source good quality household items and furniture.
  • To raise funding from a variety of sources to keep up with demand and resource our operation affectively.

Starting Over Support (SOS) is an innitiative of People Who Care.

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